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The Gulf of Morbihan is a delight for lovers of open-air getaways. The beauty of its landscapes and the many surprises it holds in store for visitors make it a fascinating place to visit.

The scenery forms a mosaic as disparate as it is breathtaking: in Baden, rocks and seaweed sublimate the landscape when the sea retreats. In Arradon, you’ll fall under the spell of the long, sandy beaches, while in Séné, you’ll be seduced by the view of the many islands, and in Locmariaquer, by the spectacle of the ocean crashing inland…

There are a million reasons to visit the Golfe du Morbihan: breathe in the fresh air, admire the exceptional beauty of the scenery, discover the singular charm of one or more of its many islands…

The Gulf of Morbihan and its islands

The Golfe du Morbihan, an inland sea measuring around 100 m² and 20 km in length, is a must-see when visiting Morbihan.
It’s fortunate that this haven of relaxation is located not far from Le Saint Laurent campsite, more exactly a forty-minute drive away. Make the most of your stay and discover remarkable places such as Locmariaquer, Séné and Larmor-Baden. Arzon, Sarzeau and Saint-Armel are also among Morbihan’s most visited destinations.

The Golfe du Morbihan is also home to numerous islands, of which there are between thirty and forty.
If these nooks and crannies seduce with their unspoilt natural environment, they are also accompanied by Breton legends, according to which there are more than three hundred islands in this inland sea.
The same traditional legends that attribute the formation of the gulf to the tears shed by the fairies when they were chased from the mythical forest of Brocéliande. And the islands are nothing more than the crowns of these legendary beings.
The Gulf of Morbihan is a tourist destination not to be missed. But you still need to know how to get there.

Le Port Navalo

Several marinas, including Vannes, Ile-aux-Moines and Ile d’Arz, regularly welcome large numbers of boats to this enclave in the Gulf of Morbihan.
But the best known is undoubtedly Port Navalo.
Located in the small town of Arzon, on the Rhuys peninsula, this once thriving fishing port is recognizable not least for its iconic lighthouse, which has stood majestically at its entrance since 1891.

The departure point for many cruise ships to the Gulf or the islands, Arzon’s marina is also a popular place for strolling, with panoramic views over Quiberon and Locmariaquer.
After a stroll along the harbor or a boat trip, many vacationers can’t resist taking advantage of the beach to the south. Many don’t leave until after the magnificent sunset.

Visit Vannes

It’s hard not to fall under the spell of this city rich in history.
Listed as a “town of art and history”, this fortified city is known for its architectural gems, particularly those in the historic center. The best-known of these are the ramparts, defenses whose origins date back to the 13th century and give an idea of the region’s eventful past.
St. Peter’s Cathedral is also well worth a visit. A true Gothic masterpiece, the religious edifice was built and repeatedly improved over five centuries.

Historic remains, old houses and contemporary buildings stand side by side in the historic heart of Vannes.
insi downtown, one of the city’s liveliest areas, features boutiques, restaurants and timber-framed houses, some dating back to the 16th century…
Strolling through the old streets of the center of Vannes, visitors will also discover a succession of unusual boutiques selling a wide range of souvenirs from Brittany.
The Vannes marina is another must-see, a popular place for strolling, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.

Arz Island

Ile d’Arz is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Gulf of Morbihan.
The coastline of this small town of some two hundred inhabitants stretches for 18 km. The long beaches invite you to take a walk or a bike ride under the sea spray, and enjoy a beautiful view of the entire gulf.

How do I get to Ile d’Arz?

  • You can choose from several starting points:
  • Vannes ferry terminal (€10.40 for adults, €6.20 for children under 12);
  • Port Blanc in Baden (€10 for adults, €8 for children aged 4 to 12);
  • Port Navalo in Arzon (€17 for adults, €9.50 for children and teenagers aged 4 to 17).

Gâvres headland

The Pointe de Gâvres, a destination you can reach in half an hour’s drive from the campsite, is sure to dazzle you with its picture-postcard scenery.
Don’t forget to bring your camera, to immortalize the beauty of the sunset.
The places we’ve just mentioned represent just some of the destinations and sites you can visit in the Golfe du Morbihan. Many other discoveries and surprises await you in this part of Brittany.
Book your pitch or mobile home at Le Saint Laurent campsite now and you won’t miss out on any of the many jewels that make up the richness of Southern Brittany.

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